Department of Basic Industries and Ecology


Department of Basic Industries and Ecology is a structural subdivision of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" and is subordinated to the supervising member of the Board. The Department interacts with all business entities, associations of legal entities, structural subdivisions of NCE RK and state bodies, regarding issues supervised by the Department.

The main tasks of the Department of Ecology are:

  • participation in the development and review of the legislative and normative-legal acts;
  • development of a consolidated opinion (position) of business entities and associations (unions) to address key issues in the field of ecology;
  • protection of rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs in the field of ecology;
  • participation in the organization of effective interaction of businesses and their associations (unions) with public authorities on issues in the environmental field;
  • assistance in the creation of favorable legal, economic and social conditions for the implementation of business initiative in the field of ecology.