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28 January 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Akimat of Kostanay region promised to assist in solving the problem of land plots for advertising structures

Deputy Head of the region Sergey Karplyuk at a meeting of the Council on protection of the rights of entrepreneurs said that he took the matter under his personal control.

The problem with which heads of the advertising companies appealed once again to the Chamber of entrepreneurs was related to the decision of the officials of the department of land relations of Kostanay, who allowed leasing of land plots for billboards only for one year. Although the companies have requested to allocate at least five years, as a year later they have to collect documents again and to bear the costs. Moreover, the lack of long-term security does not allow them to attract large customers, and calculate the investments. In the end, the budget suffers the losses due to small revenue of entrepreneurs.

The Chamber believes that change of timing doesn’t fall into the competence of the department of land relations.  According to clause 3 of article 35 of the Land Code, the period of lease is stipulated by the request of a tenant, and may be short-term, that is - up to 5 years. Example - the other cities of the country, where the land plots are leased by advertising for 5 and even 10 years.

"I assure you that all issues, which were voiced here are under my personal control and I will report regarding each of them to the regional akim. It is possible that the problem lies in the professionalism of staff. The department must work with the focus on business development ", - summed up at the meeting Sergey Karplyuk.

Last year, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, in cooperation with the regional prosecutor's office, has helped advertisers to uphold legal rights. In particular, the court was able to cancel the obligations imposed on businesses to install a new type of advertising structures (scrollers) and the content of bus shelters at their own expense.

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