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05 February 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Kostanai businessmen joined the Regional Public Council

At the first meeting, participants adopted the stance of the newly established body, as well as plans for the near future.

Director of LLP "Agrofirma Karkyn", member of the Regional Council of the Chamber of entrepreneurs Sayran Bukanov was appointed the head of a new advisory body. The composition includes - the head of LLP "Altynsarino" Boris Knyazev and director of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs Murat Abenov. In the framework of the Council they will enter the composition of the budget commission.

Public councils are created in Kazakhstan under the action plan “100 concrete steps” to implementation of five institutional reforms, announced by the Head of State. They are organized at the central and local levels, in order to express the views of civil society on matters of public concern. Recommendations of the Council are required for revision by the state authorities who make decisions.

Councils participate in the discussion of the budget programs, projects, strategic plans or programs for the development of territories, reports of the executive bodies on achievement of target indicators etc. It is planned that the legislative consolidation of the status and powers of the Public Councils will enhance the transparency of Government’s decision-making.

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