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The Chamber of entrepreneurs plans to teach population to the basics of business within the state program "Road Map of Employment-2020"

This was stated by head of the organization Murat Abenov during the press conference.

"We are ready to conclude an agreement with the regional department of coordination of employment and social programs soon, and educate the public in the framework of the state program" Employment Roadmap-2020". Emphasis will be placed on the unemployed people registered at employment centers. We do not just want to teach, but also to provide support at the opening of business in the future, support with getting financial support from the agriculture fund", - said Murat Abenov.

According to the head of the Chamber, it has being determined in what format will undergo training: with visit to districts or only to the regional center. In any case, Abenov emphasized that experts are ready to connect to this work.

"As you know, for the third year we are operators of non-financial support within a single program "Road map of business-2020”. We provide training within the framework of the component "Business -School". 1276 people undergone training  within the programs "Business Advisor", "Business Growth" in 2015", - said the head of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kostanay region.

For maximum availability of services and wide coverage to entrepreneurial initiative in each of the 19 branches of the Chamber in the districts and single-industry towns were created business support centers. Not leaving the regional center, the public can obtain detailed information on the opening and development of the business, on the rules of participation in state programs, legal and other advice. Last year alone, about 14 000 clients we seeking for advice. Since the beginning of this year - six thousand.

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