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Kostanay chose the best

29 August 2016 - Kostanay Region
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In Kostanay was held the final stage of the regional competition-exhibition "The Best Product of Kazakhstan"

The award ceremony took place on 29th of August at the Regional Palace of Culture "Miras" with the participation of Akim of Kostanay region Archimed Mukhambetova. The solemn event was timed to coincide with the Constitution Day.

This year, 20 companies submitted applications for participation in the tender - these companies are engaged in the production of sausages, confectionery and dairy products, automobile manufacturers, beverage and drinking water, vegetable oil, eggs, cosmetics, clothing and other products. The expert group selected the winners in three categories.

So, in the nomination "The best industrial goods" first place took a plant for production of steel bars - LLP "EvrazKaspianStal". Second place went to LLP "Factory of nonwovens “S.M.F.-System". The company is engaged in manufacture geosynthetic products, used in the construction of roads, industrial facilities, as well as in the light industry. Third place went to the enterprise "Kostanay stroyteplokotl service", which specializes in the manufacture and installation of central heating boilers.

JSC "Bayan Sulu" became the winner in the category "The Best food product" - one of the largest producers of confectionery products in Kazakhstan. Second place went to a manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks LLP "Aqua-Arasan". The third place took the poultry farm from Rudny “Zhas Kanat-2006”.

The winner in the nomination "The best goods for the population" became the company "SaryarkaAvtoProm", which provided for the competition a car brand Jac S3. Manufacture of breakfast cereals, corn sticks and snacks LLP "Raumena” from Rudny - in second place. Third place went to LLP "Zharkol-007" from Fedorovsky district, which produces linseed oil.

In addition, this year the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kostanay region has established additional nominations. So, LLP "SRPP" TM "Syrodel" awarded diplomas and incentive prizes in the form of a tablet in the nomination "The sympathies of the population". Individual entrepreneur Magdanova T.A. from Rudny, who runs a female cloth designing studio "Exclusive", was awarded a prize in the nomination "Golden Needle". Manufacturers of sausages LLP "Tobolsk 1" from Denisov District, won the prize in the nomination "The Best assortment".

Akim of the region Archimed Mukhambetov awarded the winners and prize-winners of the competition with diplomas I, II and III degree, as well as a commemorative statuette. In addition, the first prize winners were awarded with LED-TVs, the second place winners were awarded with notebooks, third place winners were awarded with laser printers. The winners in the major categories will represent the region at the national competition.

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