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01 September 2016 - Kostanay Region
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In Lisakovsk will appear the first in the region mini-production of Lego bricks

LLP "Elyor 2013" implements the new project. For these purposes the company's head Khafiz Utin received a loan of 5.7 million tenge from LLP "microfinance organization "Atameken Kostanay ". With this money, he ordered the equipment from Russia and will start to work immediately after delivery and installation. The entrepreneur intends to produce up to 30 thousand bricks per month, however, he is willing to increase production with good demand. He has no doubt that the demand will be high. The fact that the demand will be high.

"First of all, I do not have competitors, second of all, the material is very easy to use. It is easy to design with it. You need to lay the first row, and then it is as a constructor, row after row, on a special adhesive. You do not need any special cement and fit. The color scheme is very different, upon customer’s wish", - says Hafiz Utin.

Today LLP "microfinance organization" Atameken Kostanay" issued 24 loans totaling 113 million 780 thousand tenge. There were approved 50 applications amounting to 184 million. These include projects for the production of charcoal production and processing of glass, production of sesame and linseed oil. Kairzhan Beisov from Taran District intends to engage in the processing of plastic waste.

"I have long wanted to open own business, but banks constantly denied my applications, stating that the collateral is insufficient, because I live in the village. In the new organization my application for 4 million tenge was approved very quickly and without much hassle. I will buy vehicles for the transport of waste. Of course, it is an advantage, when you can take a loan on favorable conditions and begin to work", - says Kairzhan Beisov.

In March 2016 NCE RK "Atameken", the Eurasian Group and the akimat of Kostanay region have signed a memorandum, which envisages the creation of a microfinance institution for consumer loans on favorable terms. Borrowers can take loans up to 15 million tenge without interest with the commission of 4%.

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