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Stock Market – is a window of financial capacity

28 September 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Managers of Kostanai companies were invited to participate at the Kazakhstani stock market

Placement of shares and bonds promises a lot more benefits than the funding at second tier banks, say with assurance the representatives of JSC "Kazakhstan Stock Exchange” (KASE). At a meeting at the Chamber of entrepreneurs they presented to businessmen the basic tools of how to attract funding through the stock exchange, and explained why should people take advantage of it.

"If you look how many bonds were placed on the stock market since 2000, we will see that, basically, these were banks. Banks go to the stock exchange to attract money and then distribute to domestic companies at interest. Question: Why do companies do not come to the stock market, why do we go through intermediaries", - said Managing Director on Development Business - member of the Board of JSC "Kazakhstani Stock Exchange" Kayrat Turmagambetov.

As a successful example of the placement of shares and bonds Kayrat Turmagambetov brought here a number of large enterprises of Kazakhstan. But it also noted that their number is limited and the potential of domestic business is not fully exhausted. The passivity of businessmen is due, primarily, to the lack of available information. The representatives of KASE try to fill this gap.

"We are preparing a detailed tutorial to tell in detail about stock exchange, IPO, all the tools. It is very important for Kazakhstan, if we need a stable middle class, if people will invest in companies, will receive dividends, if the company will have cheap money to develop its production to issue new products. Global experience has shown that some loans can be grown for a very long time. We'd have never heard of such giants as Aplle, Facebook, Alibaba, if they did not come to the stock market", - said Kayrat Turmagambetov.

It is expected that training on the instruments of the stock market will be held in Astana, Akmola region, Atyrau and Almaty. Entrepreneurs from remote regions will be able to train remotely. Following the meeting, Kostanay businessmen got answers to their questions. And not only on the KASE management, but also from representatives of LLP “Freedom finanse" and JSC "Tsesna Capital".

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