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Public procurement: we need only victory?

31 October 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Akim of Mendykarin District Viktor Ionenko asked the Chamber of entrepreneurs to solve the problem of price dumping with the participation of businesses in public procurement

The current system, he said, negatively affects not only the development of the district business, but also has a negative impact on the social sphere.

"Boundless dumping of prices. For example, the estimated cost of the reconstruction of Minkailovsk House of Culture is 8 million 200 thousand tenge. The tender was won by an entrepreneur from another region in the amount of 3 million 900 thousand. That is, it is dumping, and our local LLP, which is engaged in construction, can’t participate in the competition. What we get in the end? Time goes by, and the project was never completed. He lowered the price, and now he does not have enough money to finish on time", - said Victor Ionenko.

The problem was announced on the eve of the reporting meeting of the branch of the Chamber of entrepreneurs with local businessmen. Vitkor Ionenko noted that the example of the house of culture – is not the only one.

"In the past year we have worked productively with our individual entrepreneurs to install bus stops. Since we live in Borovskoe village, we made them specifically of the wooden frame. This year someone from the outside is winning, and our businessman again out of work. We always talk about the Kazakh content, the support of domestic producers. But at the same time, we can’t protect and support our district entrepreneurs. I would like to ask the Chamber to be able at the law level to give them preference. After all, they pay us taxes, they support people", - said Viktor Ionenko.

"There are facts of dumping in the region, all of our construction companies suffer from it, - said the director of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs Murat Abenov. - This question we are raising today at the National Chamber "Atameken". Our experts are part of a working group on public procurement, and when we carried out the analysis on the supply of food in the region, the situation is similar, and it does not satisfy us. Not far off is the time when our public procurement in general will involve other countries. Therefore, of course, in general, the issue is relevant and under control".

Some problems have already been solved. The business announced its problems at the meeting with the director of the branch of the Chamber in Mendykarinsk district Berick Ibray. In particular, experts helped to reduce the amount of the fine of the businessman Yuri Kazakov for late payment (six days) of the license fee on the sale of alcohol products. The businessman sees this as solely the result of the competence of experts.

"I have applied everywhere. They nodded everywhere. The only institution, which has taken specific measures is the Chamber of entrepreneurs. So I draw attention of colleagues present here: there is a problem –feel free to go and to ask", - said an individual entrepreneur Yuri Kazakov.

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