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14 December 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Kostanai designers are ready to cooperate with foreign colleagues

They told about their plans at the Chamber of Entrepreneurs upon receipt of certificates of attendance "Business Communications".

Forty-three businessmen from across the region for three weeks were learning skills of working with foreign partners. They studied how to establish contacts, to negotiate in a competent manner and to conclude agreements on cooperation, in a word, everything that will help to take business to an international level.

The lecturers were read by specialists of the Kazakh-British University and, according to the participants, they benefited from new knowledge. The head of the design studio "Exclusive" Tatiana Magdanova, for example, considers the possibility of mutual partnership with the European clothing stores. She produces national costumes, the originality of which in 2016 allowed the businesswoman to win a special prize "Golden needle" at the regional contest "The Best Product of Kazakhstan". The course "Business Communications", according to the woman, will help to realize conceived plans.

"To be honest, I already use the acquired knowledge in the work with my colleagues. In this respect, the lectures were very productive. If we talk about the plans, then, of course, I would like to represent the range of abroad. It may even be a small shop where we will sell our costumes. I think they will be in demand", - says Tatiana Magdanova.

Experts of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, who act as the operator of a non-financial support under the Single program "Business Road Map 2020", pointed out that it is possible to establish "Business Communications" directly abroad, in German cities. To this end, the holders of a certificate of attendance must submit the appropriate application. Kostanai businessmen already have this experience. Two heads of regional companies went abroad under the program "Business communications" in 2015.


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