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22 February 2017 - Kostanay Region
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The Chamber of entrepreneurs strengthens cooperation with prosecutor’s office and the Department of Civil Service

The deputy director of the organization Samat Sadvakassov spoke about the results of the joint work at the meeting of the Council for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs. He noted that last year alone the regional prosecutor's office has assisted in the examination of the forty-two complaints of businessmen, among them there are already concrete results on seventeen of them.

"For example, last year an individual entrepreneur addressed to us, who was denied in legalization of premises as a warehouse in Kostanay. The questions were considered at a meeting of the Council for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, and on the basis the prosecutor's office has made a representation to eliminate violations of the law. Businessman legalized his property", - said Sadvakassov.

In general, in 2016 the Chamber received 212 complaints from entrepreneurs, which is 33% higher than a year earlier. Every fourth appeal comes on the decisions and actions of the tax authorities, a lot of entrepreneurs complain on the problems in the sphere of land relations and construction, public procurement, agriculture and complaints against monopolists.

"More than half of the problems we have decided in favor of the business, it is possible to prevent damage amounting to more than 1 billion tenge. Within the framework of the Council we resolved 17 problems. In particular, the rights of the company "Alta" were protected, which was unreasonably forced to pay customs duties in the amount of 19 million tenge. As a result of the study of the case at the level of NCE, the State Revenue Committee has released the company from paying a ruinous sum", - said Samat Sadvakassov.

Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the region Murat Abenov, in turn, recalled working with the Civil Service Department and the fight against corruption. He stated that there is ongoing analyzes of corruption risks in various areas of business regulation, and monitoring of public services for businesses.
"In cooperation with the Department, we conduct public monitoring on the promotion of entrepreneurship by local executive bodies, as well as on the execution of judicial acts. This is a great, systematic work, as a result, we will keep a record at the central level, in order to eliminate the revealed violations in the future. The results will be delivered to the members of the Council for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs", - said Murat Abenov.

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