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Export of Kostanay products is hampered by the length of the quality assurance procedure

07 June 2017 - Kostanay Region
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Possible ways of solving the problem and prospects for cooperation with neighboring countries were discussed at a round table, with the participation of adviser to the Chairman of the Management Board of NCE RK "Atameken" Gani Kasymov, the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce, JSC "KAZAKH INVEST" and local executive bodies.

According to Gani Kasymov, Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board of NCE RK Atameken, we are speaking in this case not about trust, but about compliance with the terms of the EAEU agreement. Kazakhstan fulfills these conditions. He asked the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce once again to study the voiced problems, to study the European experience and remove these barriers.

"We put the interests of the entrepreneur at the forefront, we need to move actively. An entrepreneur when he says such things, he hits the weak point. Other businessmen are behind this group of goods, maybe not so bold to talk about it so openly. All this is a big problem, it's a seasonal product - perishable. And we take and create unfavorable conditions for ourselves", - said Gani Kasymov.

As the deputy akim of the region Sergey Karlyuk informed at the meeting, the products of the Kostanay food industry have long been popular at border regions. The company "Arasan" develops the South Ural with a new line of soft and low-alcohol drinks, dairy products "Dep", "New Day" and "Leader 2010" are consistently represented on the shelves of Chelyabinsk supermarkets. In general, the region's exports for the past year amounted to 871 million US dollars, almost 50% fell on Russia.

However, these indicators could be higher. Chicken egg, for example, gets to Russian stores with a great delay, says Kairat Maishev, the head of LLP “Zhas Kanat-2006”. The fact is that before sending the company you need to go through a long procedure of approvals to confirm the quality of the goods. One or two days are spent on sampling, five days for examination, the day for issuing a certificate, plus time for shipping and delivery.

"It turns out that from the production date and until the Russian buyer receives it at least two weeks pass. Although our buyer appreciates our products, it is natural that he chooses what is released today and already lies on the shelves. In the end, we lose to the same Russians. There is another problem, transit. For dispatch to Uzbekistan, we can wait for up to thirty days. Because of such terms, we lose contracts and can’t enter these markets fully", - Kairat Maishev said.

Terms of the examination, according to the head of the regional inspection of the CVCS of MA RK Urazbek Batyrbekov, indeed, established the rules of the EAEU. If you issue certificates before five days, it is likely that such products will be returned back from Russia with a reason for insufficient supervision.

"Difficulties in Uzbekistan, in turn, are due to the fact that the country is not part of the EAEU. The Committee sends a request and there it can be considered for thirty days. With weekends - generally a month and a half. If we talk about the availability of pre-control points, then for some reason they are only in Russia, although these are the countries of the Eurasian Union, where they should not be. We do not put such points on the Kazakh side, because we trust", - says Urazbek Batyrbekov.

Similar problems are also faced by LLP TERRA, which delivers chilled meat abroad, and DEP, which, although it has a well-established sales channel, has also recently faced difficulties. According to the new veterinary regulations, they are forced to receive a certificate not for the entire product lot, but separately for each category of the product: fermented milk products, milk, sour cream, cottage cheese. A cruel joke is played by the human factor when, at border points, information on imported goods may suddenly not appear, as it does not come directly from Kostanay to Chelyabinsk, but through Astana and the Russian capital. Frequent stops at the points of preliminary inspection delay the process as well.

"The length of conciliation is a known problem. We through the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs are trying to ensure that they pass parallel to each other, this will at least somehow reduce the time that the business spends. They also raised the issue of accreditation of veterinary laboratories, now two laboratories are on the waiting list for accreditation in the border areas. As for five days for the examination of products, here is the science, there are established regulations to determine the quality. Here, not everything is in our power, there are international agreements", - said the director of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs Murat Abenov.

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