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World brands will come to Kostanay

19 July 2017 - Kostanay Region
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In Kostanay, one of the most ambitious construction projects of recent years is being prepared for opening - the shopping and entertainment complex "Kostanay Plaza".

The initiators assure that for the regional center this will be the first step towards the creation of a full-fledged commercial hub. The director of LLP BK-Story, member of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Igor Kim, told about the new complex to the correspondent of website

 - Igor Romanovich, the project is almost complete. Kostanay is ready for institutions of this format?

 - The very idea of ​​building a new Center did not just happen. Initially, we planned to build a supermarket for a residential micro district "Arman", which was built in the north-western part of Kostanay. But in the end, assessing the prospects, they decided that the supermarket is too small, if the land and all conditions permit. Therefore, we stopped on the project in the format of a mall. It became interesting to me. Why mall? We have only 1 shopping and entertainment center in the city, they are divided into categories. There must be a good cinema, a parking lot, a supermarket and, necessarily, a full recreation area for children. In a complex, we implement this. I think people are waiting for this. The area, I think, was convenient. The north-west is actively built up. Across the road, we have a new micro-district "Jubilee". In the future, another micro-district, towards Kostanay-2. Therefore, the mall will give a new impetus to the development of not only this part of the city, but in general the entire regional center.

 - How will the new project surprise ordinary Kostanay residents?

 - First of all, world brands will come to us. These are fast food chains: McDonald's, KFC, Burger king, etc. We used to see them only in large cities and abroad. Now they will be with us. Later we will build a large cinema. There are very few rooms in our city. In an amicable way, there should be 1 cinema for 30-40 thousand of the population, and we have only one big one for 300 thousand inhabitants. In "Kostanay Plaza" there will be a 6-room cinema with 720 seats! Well, the most important thing is a children's entertainment center. It will accommodate full-fledged attractions: roller coaster, "falling rocks", carousels. We will work under the roof, all year round, regardless of the weather. Our children are not spoiled by such things, for them and for parents it will be very interesting, convenient. It will be possible to combine a full rest with shopping.

- By the way, about shopping. What goods will customers be able to count on?

- The plus of the shopping center is that it allows us to "pull" large companies to us. For today, we signed a contract with the Italian clothing brand "Terranova". There is an agreement with the "Children's World", "Kari" ... I do not remember all by heart. There is a very interesting Japanese brand "Miniso". They have created more than 2000 stores around the world for 3 years. They have a special price format, thus, 60% of the goods are sold in the category up to 900 tenge. The area is large, we would like to see many, especially in the perspective of expansion. There are firms that are still waiting, when we will open officially. As for the supermarket, we invite Astykzhan. It will be no smaller in size than the one that already works. With high shelving, with its own cooking, wide assortment.

 - You have mentioned the prospect of expansion. The constructed huge mall is not the limit?

 - The project allows you to double the area. Now we have 28 thousand square meters, but we can expand to 50. Approximately two years will be required to "promote" the first complex and look at the result. During the construction I met very interesting people, representatives of world companies. So they just need the territory. Trade area with convenient infrastructure. We need to prepare it and we will do it. I am sure that over time, in the overgrowing of the city with new micro-districts, a full-fledged trading hub will appear in Kostanay.

 - Will it be convenient that the entertainment mall is located, frankly, far from the center?

- This is the main advantage! There is nowhere to park in the central part of Kostanay. There is no land, no conditions. In new areas, on the contrary, it is possible to build from scratch, since the territory allows. In the "Kostanay Plaza" itself, only parking will be for 500 cars. I was in Tyumen, and so they placed five shopping centers just outside the city. Very convenient car interchange turned out. I traveled by car to every shopping and entertainment center in an hour and a half ... Why we can’t do it?

- When will Kostanay Plaza receive its first visitors?

- The opening was scheduled for August. – I look forward to it. And we wish good luck on the eve of the professional holiday - the Day of Builders! - Thank you. Congratulations on the holiday of my colleagues. I wish much work. Let the opportunities coincide with the desires!

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