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Expert from Switzerland will help Kostanay businessmen to modernize production

- Kostanay Region
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Werner Grammlych arrived in the region at the invitation of a local manufacturer in the framework of the component of the program "Business Roadmap 2020" - "Senior Professionals"

Today, the manufacturer and supplier of steel casting - LLP “MehLitCom” has 3 main specialized shops in Zhytikarinsky district, where products and spare parts are being manufactured for mining, cement, coal, gold mining and processing industries. Among the consumers of the company's products: enterprises from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan. Recently, the plant launched a line using a new casting technology. But the management did not stop there and decided to conduct stage-by-stage modernization of the equipment. They invited an expert from Switzerland with a 50-year working experience in the field of casting - Werner Grammlych as part of the program "Business Roadmap 2020" - "Senior Professionals" to share experience and the latest trends in production

Werner Grammlych has a tremendous practical experience: he knows everything about casting, and even more. Now he provides expert and consulting services, develops steel mills in Central Asia, China, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Albania. In the past he worked as a technician-designer at the famous European factories.

Werner Grammlych will stay at Kostanay enterprise for two weeks. During this time, he will analyze the activities of LLP “MekhLitKom”, develop recommendations for improving business processes at the plant, help introduce innovations and technologies, share experience in production management. All expenses for the work of the expert are paid by the state, accommodation and food – are paid by the inviting party, i.е. -businessman.

The director of the steel works plant, Ismail Aghayev, expects that on the basis of rationalization proposals from Werner Grammlych, he will be able to modernize the production equipment as soon as possible.

 "Absolutely every business has the right to use the component "Senior Professionals" and get expert advice from leading experts in the field of industry. We have applied for participation to the district Business Support Center. We managed to partially update the technological equipment, but this is only a small part of what can be done to improve the working conditions at the plant. We need to keep pace with the time, study and apply advanced expertise and skills possessed by foreign experts, thus, to take advantage of the component "Senior Professionals". I think that this support mechanism will favorably influence the further development of the enterprise", - the head of the plant Ismail Agayev said.

For reference: 

The "Senior Professionals" component allows executives of operating enterprises to work in priority sectors of the economy, to invite a foreign expert to their company and receive professional advice. Expert assistance consists of personnel training and practical assistance in solving technical and organizational problems with the aim of developing practical skills in solving the arising business issues. The consultancy program includes meetings of an expert on the territory of the enterprise, as well as the provision of practical recommendations by the expert, developed on the basis of an analysis of the problems of the enterprise.

The cost of attraction of foreign experts within the component “Senior Professionals”, as well as the costs of flying and paying for the services of foreign experts, is covered by the republican budget. Participants pay for expenses related to the stay of an expert in Kazakhstan: accommodation, meals, per diem, interpreter services

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