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The proposal of Kostanay businessmen was included in the draft of the new Tax Code

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Entrepreneurs were asked for a reduction in the limitation period from 5 to 3 years

On the site of NCE RK "Atameken", the discussions of a new tax code are held. For the first time, the business community, whose interests are upheld by the National Chamber, have been given the opportunity to make proposals to the code. Discussions take place in the format of video conferences, in which representatives of Atameken, the State Revenue Committee, the Ministry of National Economy of the RK and businessmen from the regions participate.

Participants talk about the proposed changes in the Code. Listen to entrepreneurs who ask questions. They talk about the barriers that exist in the current Tax Code and suggest measures to eliminate them.

As the draft of the Tax Code included the initiative of Kostanay enterprises to reduce the statute of limitations in the field of taxation. If the proposal is approved by law, the audited period of tax audits will be reduced from 5 to 3 years for small and medium-sized businesses.

"This special regime will positively affect the work of the enterprise. Of course, it is difficult to keep a record of various activities for five years. And it needs to be further developed, but the reduction of the limitation period is already a good dynamic in this direction. In addition, the risk management system is applied to taxpayers. Here everything is simple: you just need to be a conscientious taxpayer. If the enterprise pays taxes in time, checks will not be applied to it. This is a good incentive for any type of business, - Viktor Turabanov, head of the audit department of LLP Ivolga-Holding, shared his opinion.

This is not the only proposal that is reflected in the draft code. The request of Kostanai businessmen, who are engaged in the sale of alcohol products, to reduce the rate of license fee was also included in the draft. In addition, instead of the earlier one-time payment, entrepreneurs will pay the tax quarterly. The amendment will significantly reduce the burden on the business.

In general, Kostanai businessmen note that the innovations in the Tax Code will simplify the reporting, will have a favorable impact on the development of entrepreneurship.

"A large number of proposals arrived from the businessmen of the Kostanay region at the end of last year. The lion's share of these recommendations was included in the draft for consideration. Now it is impossible to say unequivocally whether these changes will be finally approved, since the process of discussion is underway. But even at this stage, many business representatives say that tax innovations will reduce the number of inspections, as well as tax disputes, simplify administration, introduce convenient regimes for the agro-industrial complex and small and medium-sized businesses", - Zhibek Siitova, an expert of the regional Chamber, said.

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