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Investors were suggested to put a stake on Kostanay agricultural products

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The forum "Kostanay-Invest 2017" was held in the region. Deputy Chairman of the Board of NCE RK "Atameken" Nurzhan Altaev told about perspective directions of cooperation between foreign and domestic entrepreneurs. According to the deputy chairman of the National Chamber, Kostanay region is one of the most successful and actively developing regions of the country. The AIC is the most powerful sector, according to which the region is among the leaders. In addition, it is agriculture that has a great potential for growth in Kostanay. "The time has come when it is necessary to look for the export of products with high added value, to focus on processing. I will give a simple example. Such products as lentils. There is a very high demand for it in foreign countries. This year, we automatically entered the leading position in the field of lentil crops and today it is already at its root all sold. Although Turkey and the Arab Emirates are also interested", - Nurzhan Altaev said.

According to him, today the export of beef, mutton and food chicken eggs to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is promising. Domestic markets of these countries are almost entirely provided by imported meat.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia imported lamb and beef in the amount of about 180,000 tons for more than 850 million dollars, and the United Arab Emirates - about 154,000 tons for 780 million USD. "The state agencies and Atameken are actively working to establish channels for the export of domestic products to near and far abroad. As a result of the Kazakh-Uzbek business forum, 92 documents on cooperation were signed by the entrepreneurs of the two countries for a total amount of 840 million US dollars. Within the fields of the President's return visit to Tashkent also hosted a business forum, which resulted in the signing of 37 contracts, totaling more than 560 million USD. Of these contracts, a significant part relates to the sphere of the agro-industrial complex, and, first of all, the supply of wheat and flour", - Deputy Chairman of NCE RK "Atameken" said.

Summarizing, Nurzhan Altaev called on investors to consider the agro-industrial sector of Kostanay region as one of the promising areas for cooperation. "Huge demand, huge markets, which consume more agricultural products of premium class. And Atameken is ready to assist all investors who come to Kazakhstan", - the speaker said. Members of the Government of the RK, representatives of central state bodies, the diplomatic corps, domestic experts-economists, their colleagues from the countries of near and far abroad, entrepreneurs took part in the "Kostanay Invest 2017", which takes place on September 20-21. As a result of the event, Kostanay region plans to sign 26 memorandums with potential partners.

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