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The status of enterprises in Kazakhstan will probably be defined in a new way

- Kostanay Region
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This was reported by the director of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of Kostanay region Murat Abenov at the meeting with the business community in Rudny

Now the conditions under which an enterprise is classified as a medium or large business are determined by two parameters: the number of employees and the average annual income. And if one of the signs, for example - the number of employees, exceeds 250 people, the enterprise automatically becomes a subject of large business.

Entrepreneurs are unhappy with this state of affairs. Despite the large number, the business can have small turnover, but at the same time bear the tax burden and administrative responsibility, as a large enterprise.

This issue was raised at the meeting by Deputy Director of JSC “Rudnisokolovstroy” Nadezhda Rudich. She, like many other representatives of large and medium-sized businesses, advocates that the criteria for determining the status should be revised.

"To assign enterprises only in numbers to large ones is wrong. We, for example, have a large population, but the turnover is small. And taxes we have to pay, as a large enterprise, although in fact - we treat small businesses. In addition, our company can’t receive support under state programs designed for small and medium-sized businesses, which, in fact, the enterprise is", - said Deputy Director of the construction company Nadezhda Rudich.

Director of the Chamber Murat Abenov informed entrepreneurs that on the initiative of "Atameken" this issue is being worked out at the governmental level. If the proposal of the Nationals is taken into account, then the status of large and medium-sized businesses will be determined by one characteristic - the average annual income.

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