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“Atameken” strengthens cooperation with judicial bodies

- Kostanay Region
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Director of the Kostanay Chamber of Entrepreneurs Murat Abenov and chairman of the regional court Aslambek Mergaliyev signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation. The purpose of the memorandum is cooperation in the field of protecting the rights of entrepreneurs. Within the framework of the agreement, the parties will strengthen their work in matters of further improving the legislation, provide legal assistance in pre-trial disputes, and inform entrepreneurs about the activities of the judicial system. Discussing the problematic issues, the participants of the signing of the memorandum reported that often because of the contrived or illegal actions of the controlling bodies, entrepreneurs lose their property, their own business, get into debt.

As the chairman of the regional court A. Mergaliev noted, the courts in their practice apply the rehabilitation procedure when, from the moment of making the decision, they do not allow the initiation of a bankruptcy case. From his words, out of 24 cases of rehabilitation by Kostanay courts, 23 representatives of the business were able to stand up and re-establish the business.

Having signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kostanay region proposed to prosecute state bodies that unreasonably sued entrepreneurs. Such a measure, according to representatives of the Regional Chamber, will discipline these departments and increase the level of trust of bona fide enterprises to the courts.

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