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10 August 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Electric cars, cosmetic clay, bread, drinks and sweets ...

A huge range of products was presented by Kostanai producers at the regional stage of the contest-exhibition "The Best Product of Kazakhstan".

The event took place on 10th of August in the city center, in the open air, and this format has been chosen on purpose: not only the members of the expert group, but also all those, who came to the exhibition were able to assess the quality of the goods in the region this year.

Here you can taste the new varieties of sausages, bakery products, to appreciate the taste of drinking water, it was very handy in hot weather. Furthermore, vending products could be bought at producers’ prices, and the citizens did not miss this opportunity, the counters were immediately full of queues. Egg of LLP "Zhas Kanat 2006” were immediately sold out, women were buying linseed oil of LLP "Zharkol 2007", the  pastries of LLP "Raumena" were also sold out.

Individual entrepreneur Edward Schrader from Fedorovsky district also could boast of empty counters. For 16 years he is engaged in the production of sausages. The company won trust of consumers a long time ago. There are no special secrets, but quality of produced goods.

"We have a completely natural sausage, exclusively from our own Kazakhstani meat, we buy it from our own farmers. Therefore, the population knows and buys it. I decided to participate in the competition for the first time, because this is the quality competition, we deserve to fight for the title of the best", - said Edward Schrader.

The counter of the last year's winner arose genuine interest - the company "SaryarkaAvtoProm". Last year in the nomination the best goods for the population won the car Toyota, which is produced at the factory, now the company has introduced a new generation of transport - Electric Jac. It is charged with the use of a conventional 220V outlet, and this charge will last for 200-230 km, say the company’s representatives.Electric cars will be sold to public next year, but the members of the expert group and journalists were still able to make a short test drive.

"It is convenient, comfortable! It is very soft. The main thing it works without fuel", - said the director of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs Murat Abenov.

In total this year, 20 companies filed applications for participation in the tender. Among them the experienced and long-operating companies at the market - JSC "Bayan Sulu", LLP "EvrazKaspianStal", LLP "Aqua-Arasan", "Pinery" ... Among the newcomers, several companies from Rudny. One of them is JSC "Don", which began to produce the first in Kazakhstan cosmetic clay last year. Today, its products are widely represented in the network of pharmacies, and, according to the project manager, Azamat Nurgazin, the company is serious about conquering foreign markets.

Akim of Kostanai region Archimed Mukhambetov gave his assessment of manufactured goods, and gave. During his visit of an event, he spoke personally with each participant, learned about the plans and promised to assist in solving problems, if any.

"We produce a lot of quality products, it is necessary to ensure access of public to them. For example, it is possible to allocate a land plot to build a store in the regional center, and sell such products directly to citizens without mediators. It will be support for population and for entrepreneurs, including light industry enterprises", - said Archimed Mukhambetov.

The winners of the regional stage will be announced in late August, a ceremony of awarding will be held on the Constitution Day. By the way, anyone could give their assessment of the presented goods - put a tick in a special application form and put it in the ballot box installed next to it. It remains a mystery who will get the audience award.

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