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Service support

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In this section we have tried to place and to show you and your company the maximum service opportunities for business development.
Here you can get full, useful and reliable information from the training to obtain funding for your project, business.
We subdivided services into 4 groups:
1. Services for start-ups and small businesses
2. Service for existing medium-sized businesses
3. Services for large businesses
4. Services for all

Service support is aimed at improving the management of the enterprise in order to improve its efficiency and stipulates the provision of specialized services to small and medium-sized enterprises:

Service #1: Accounting and tax accounting, as well as the preparation of statistical reports including consultation on arising issues

Service #2: Services on Customs Procedures

Service #3: Consulting and full support of the whole process of the implementation of management systems

Service # 4: Provision of legal services

Service # 5: Services related to marketing issues

Service # 6: Consulting services in the field of information technologies

Service # 7: Services related to public procurement, procurement of national companies and subsoil users.

Service # 8: Service related to management issues.

100 projects for small business
Business directory  "100 projects for small business" is a guide for budding entrepreneurs. It describes in detail business plans for small projects that can be created in rural areas and small towns.
First Edition Preview Download
Second Edition        Download
This is a manual for start-ups, you will find answers to the questions:
     1. How to start?
     2. What you need to know when you open your business?
     3. How to organize the work in your company?
Contact details of Business Support Centers 
Information on the activities of business support centers in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the 1st quarter of this year