The national chamber of entrepreneurs


Business protection

The Department of legal protection of entrepreneurs under NCE RK was established for the consideration of the major individual complaints, the experts of which review all the appeals without exception. Not one complaint remains unanswered or without feedback. The Department of Legal Protection of Entrepreneurs uses a certain algorithm of their consideration:

  1. The establishment of feedback with an entrepreneur;
  2. The request for additional materials;
  3. Thorough consideration of the problem, preparation of legal opinions;
  4. Taking of relevant measures to protect the rights of an entrepreneur.

If required:

  1. Targeted review by the Regional Chamber;
  2. Control over the execution of an order.

In all Regional Chambers of entrepreneurs there are similar units - departments of legal protection of entrepreneurs, which employ legal experts.

The Department, as the secretariat of the Council for protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, provides complete organizational and legal support to the meetings of the Council and prepares legal opinions on the issues.

One of the main working methods of the Council and the Department is an interaction with prosecutor’s office. Full legal layout of a case review of an entrepreneur, the findings and the expected consequences, along with the reference to the relevant provisions of the legislation provide a detailed examination of the problem by prosecution authorities.

As a result, prosecutor’s office adopts measures of prosecutorial response on appeals submitted to NCE, including a protest of judicial acts, submission of petitions on unlawful actions (inaction) of state bodies and officials.

There was developed a mechanism for the support of appeals, accumulated in the National Chamber, which are submitted to the Prosecutor General for supervisory protests. The effectiveness of this mechanism is confirmed by the authoritative opinion of the experts of the Department.

The Department is a key unit in the structure of NCE on the issues of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of businesses.