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One window is not accessable

- Kostanay Region
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RSE "State expertise" deliberately restricts competition on the market. Kostanai companies, which are involved in expertise of construction projects, are sure of this.

LLP "Expert center Kostanai project" addressed to the management of the Regional Chamber of entrepreneurs. As it was reported by the head of the firm Svetlana Ostapchuk, her company can’t perform the work even after accreditation with RSE and demand from customers.

The fact is that after the transfer of certain functions from the state to the competitive environment by order of the Minister of National Economy on April 1, 2015, the terms for execution of expertise were approved. According to the document, it is carried out on the principle of "one window" and only through an electronic portal.

The very existence of the portal, controlled by the state-owned enterprises, discredits the principle of greater competition in the industry, according to NCE RK "Atameken". But the problem is that not all private companies can sign up to it, because a special expensive program is required for this, which enterprises themselves should develop and implement.

"The cost can reach up to nine million tenge. Development and implementation - up to 6 months. It's just impossibly high money for a small company. In addition, the requirements for the development of the program have been published only on February 25 on the site of RSE "State Expertise". Although 4 organizations were registered at this time. The question is - how did they know about these requirements, when did they get accredited? "- says Svetlana Ostapchuk.

But even if the problem will be solved with the portal, and NCE is seeking for such an opportunity, private organizations will not be able to compete on an equal footing with the state-owned company, said the businesswoman.

"Our authority is not legislatively expanded and the volume is very small. If until 2012, centers of expertise could make the expertise of five-storey buildings, then today we are allowed to do the examination only of three-storied buildings. And as for cultural objects, only with a total capacity of up to 50 people, taking into account the staff. About what kind of competition can we talk? "- says Svetlana Ostapchuk.

Several companies involved in departmental examination of construction projects addressed with similar complaints to NCE RK "Atameken". The issue will be discussed in detail at the meeting of the Council for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, which will take place on 10th of March in Astana.

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