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One should always cook with love

12 October 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Chef from Canada Brian Fordham completed his mission in Kostanay region

Within the frames of the project of the program "Road Map of Business 2020" - "Older seniors" he trained colleagues from Zhitikary to tricks of the culinary mastery and shared original recipes. The last two weeks, Brian spent at LLP "Damdі". learned from the head of the firm Zhanat Iztaev what benefits entrepreneurs get from the invitation of the foreign guest.

- Zhanat Maratovich, the firm, which you head, has a rich history. Because you run only a culinary workshop, but also a number of industrial and school canteens, where banquets, weddings, anniversaries, set meals for manufacturers are held on regular basis. It would seem that your staff should have extensive culinary experience. And then you decide that the company needs help from the outside.

- I immediately responded to the proposal of the Chamber of entrepreneurs to take advantage of the direction "older seniors". Just because we are on the market for a very long time, and feel that we need to change. To introduce new recipes to surprise customers. It is difficult to deal with it on your own and Brian seemed to me a man who is able to bring zest.

- Did he succeed?

- We did previously experiment ourselves, tried to cook new dishes made with local ingredients. However, something was always wrong or missing. He promoted us what should we do. In the end, it worked well. Now we have started to bake donuts, sinabons (European cinnamon rolls and cream), meat pies, vegetable and fruit pies. We tried to bake macaroon - a pastry of almond flour. The cost price is certainly high, but to put it at banquets to put at the beginning of the feast, why not.

- Did population somehow react to innovations?

- Just recently, we prepared a great banquet and made muffins with chocolate and banana filling. And portioned cakes. In composition, they are like ordinary, but small in size, for one person, they were decorated with flowers. Originally, customers liked it. Brian shared not only his recipes. I asked him to bypass the network of our kitchens, to evaluate the service.

- It must be difficult to meet the level of the foreign catering service...

- Elementary trifles play a role in the atmosphere of a place, they affect the appetite. Where we used to have a blank wall, now hangs a stand with menu, photos of dishes. It is quite a different view. It is necessary to place the tables  depending on the flow of customers and the conditions. You can arrange a promotion: buy fresh bread roll – get the second as a gift. It seems to be obvious, but in combination it works.

- How expensive were the services of Brian?

- Given the fact that I provided him with free accommodation and travel, and paid him only per diem, which was not expensive. But the translation services were expensive. We needed a person, who knows the technological terms.

- Are costs justified?

- Definitely, yes. He gave our people the main thing - a huge motivation. Many people have golden hands, smart head, but the potential is not disclosed because there is no motivation. They absorb routine. A chef - is a profession in which you need to put love in everything you do. Brian showed how you can always cook with love.

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