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21 December 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Business Council of Auliekol District provided charitable assistance to the orphanage for children and teenagers "Umit"

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Independence Day of Kazakhstan, businessmen together with akim of the region and representatives of state bodies visited the shelter, gave the children a laptop, educational games and sweets. On this holiday, entrepreneurs felt that it was important to pay attention to the children, who because of life circumstances are unable to receive the care and warmth from their parents and loved ones.

"To help these children – is a holy cause. On this holiday, we addressed to all entrepreneurs, so that they do not stand aside and help those in need. I do not advertise such things, especially since this is not a one-time event. I try to help people if I have a chance. We gave to pensioners 10 kg. food packages. I know that my colleagues have also provided similar assistance", - says the chairman of the District Business Council Abdul Vagap Mitayev.

District Business Council at Auliekol was formed under the branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in October 2016. There are seven businessmen in its structure, mostly heads of local companies: Abdul-Vagap Mitayev (LLP "Kaisar-Agro"), Anatoly Zaritskii (LLP "Amankaragaysky elevator"), Zhumabek Tebenbaev (individual entrepreneur), Viktor Chursinov (farm Chursinov V.V.) Marina Malimon (individual entrepreneur), Kuanysh Baitursynov (LLP “Aman Tersek"). These tips are given now in every district and mono-town of the region.


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