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Pharmacy business: the diagnosis in question

06 February 2017 - Kostanay Region
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Representatives of Kostanay pharmaceutical businesses are concerned about the need to implement international GPP standards in pharmacies

This was announced during the meeting of the Council of Businesswomen of the Regional Chamber of entrepreneurs. There was held a meeting with the deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the country Aigul Nurkina, Svetlana Bychkova and Aizada Kurmanova. MPs, who were elected by the people, came to the region to explain the President's Address and to identify problems that concern women's entrepreneurship.

One of them – is introduction of good pharmacy practice standards in Kazakhstan since 1st of January 2018. The corresponding order was signed by the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The standard is implemented on a example of advanced countries in the world. It means that the pharmaceutical companies must meet a number of requirements aimed at improving customer service.

In particular, the pharmacies must be equipped with additional space, where it will be possible to measure the pressure, temperature, blood sugar, and even take a pregnancy test. However, a benefit for the population is unlikely to be feasible for entrepreneurs, is confident a member of the Council of Businesswomen, General Director of LLC "Pharmacy Neo" Nina Chichenkova.

"We have few large pharmacies. Most of them – are 30 squares on average. By area, new laboratories will occupy the same space. Accordingly, it is an additional cost of maintaining excess space, staff, equipment and its standardization. The presence of these offices will be justified in large cities, where there big flows, but this is an issue from the category of competition, rather than mandatory requirements for all pharmacies", - says Chichenkova.

There are other, not mandatory provisions, say entrepreneurs. The eighth chapter of the Order states that the prescription drugs and drugs without prescription should be sold in different departments. And if so, it will need not one, but two jobs that entail financial costs.

"We're saying that the prices are high on drugs, because 90% is imported from abroad ... Today, many colleagues are concerned, they say," we that have to be closed? ". Because standards are treated not as voluntary, but as mandatory", - said Nina Chichenkova.

Meanwhile, the regional Department of the Committee on Control of medical and pharmaceutical activity explained that no one is talking about any closure of pharmacies due to a mismatch GPP standard, first of all because there are no specific legal acts. Six of pharmaceutical businesses in the region have already applied for the implementation of standards of good pharmacy practice. Nevertheless, the deputies agreed that the issue requires very careful consideration.

"We will investigate this matter and discuss it in the Parliament. Of course, we take note of these issues, to understand in detail, to provide assistance, especially since we are talking about a whole slice of small and medium-sized businesses. Parliamentary hearings will be held in the Mazhilis in spring, where health topic will be considerred, and we will report the results through the Women's Council, through the National Chamber ", - said the deputy of the Mazhilis Aigul Nurkina.



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