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28 February 2017 - Kostanay Region
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Production of drills of the new generation "Altyn Dan" was launched at Kostanay enterprise "Agromash Holding"

This is an advanced, modernized cultivator, formerly known as “SZY - 21" from the producer of combine harvesters under the brand “ESSIL”. Its production was mastered in 2009, but later, due to the reconstruction of the plant it was suspended. In 2017, the company's designers have finished the drill: transformed engineering drawings, strengthened some components and spare parts.

As a result "Altyn Dan" became more universal, because it is intended not only for sowing of grain and leguminous crops, but also for annual and perennial grasses. In the process of planting pruning of weeds, tillage, seeding and packing of soil needs to be done. Along with the seed, you can put the fertilizers.

"We try to get feedback from farmers and already work on the basis of their problematic issues, we are making design changes, improving the product. For example, in the current version of the drill we have strengthened some of the components: reinforced front fork and the hub, which greatly increased the strength of the supporting structure. We have applied the stronger I-beam profile. The thickness of the metal used for the manufacture of press rollers, increased. To improve the safety of machine operators, we have finished sowing structure: instead of one we have two sowers", - said Head of Production Management Victor Borisov.

The company noted that in 2017 it is planning to sell 150 units of its own production drills in various models. The cost of a new model - from 960 thousand tenge. All manufactured units will be distributed to branch offices, located in all grain-producing regions of Kazakhstan. The plants plans to sell drills, cultivators through leasing company - "KazAgroFinance", LLP "Tehnolizing", as well as directly from the manufacturer.

JSC "Agromash" – is the only  industrial plant in Kazakhstan for the production of combine harvesters under the brands “ESSIL GLC-760.1”, “ESSIL GLC-740", as well as additional products in a wide range. The company, headed by director Sergey Mogilatov, is a regular partner of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kostanay region.

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