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03 April 2017 - Kostanay Region
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The 17th awarding ceremony of the laureates of the Patrons' Club Award took place in the region. The solemn event was held in the regional philharmonic society, in a bright, festive atmosphere. To the sounds of fanfare, patrons-entrepreneurs announced the names of the winners and handed them the coveted certificates and memorable statues from the stage. The amount of premiums this year has not changed: “Kazyna” - 1 million tenge, Shabyt (for applicants under 35 years) - 500 thousand tenge, as well as special bonuses. The ceremony was diluted with creative numbers performed by the laureates themselves - songs, dances, musical compositions and theater sketches. The best of the best was chosen by an independent commission, whose applications this year received 136 applications in the categories "Theater", "Choreography", "Journalism", "Education", "Science", "Vocals", "Fine Arts" and others. As a result, 34 people received prizes for their most significant contribution to the development of the scientific and cultural life of the region. "It's already the seventeenth year of my coming to this stage, I'm happy to welcome people of talented people who glorify our region, our Motherland. The Club's activities are extensive, it is expanding. At the last meeting we decided that next year we will have even more nominations. We will also be encouraged for sporting achievements. This is a very serious decision, very correct, talents need to be supported in everything, to inspire them to new affairs. All this is only a small part of what our entrepreneurs do in the framework of social responsibility", - said Oleg Danilenko, member of the Patrons' Club, director of LLP "Agrofirma "Dievskaya". The laureates did not skimp on the words of gratitude, stressing that for them it is not only financial support, but also an honorable mission. The Club Prize is one of the most prestigious, especially when you consider that such a format has no analogues in Kazakhstan. As it was noted by the poetess Alexander Suslov receiving the award, "the aroma of roses blows from the hands that do good". "In a year or two, we will be giving the 500th anniversary jubilee award. Someone will think that these are just numbers. But this is not so. This is a huge work of our entrepreneurs, business leaders who work in difficult economic times. The club existed and will exist. I would like to thank our patrons, they are worthy of a stormy ovation", - said Akim of Kostanay region Archimedes Mukhambetov. In total, during the existence of the Club of patrons of the Kostanay region 420 awards were awarded for the amount of 205 million KZT. The winners were 431 people and 37 creative teams. On a regular basis, the Club renders sponsorship to socially vulnerable layers of the population in the treatment and purchase of expensive drugs for seriously ill children. The Club of Patrons of the Kostanay Region is headed by the Chairman of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, General Director of LLP Ivolga-Holding Vasiliy Rozinov.



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