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Businesswoman from Kostanay Yevgeniya Dombaeva visited Dubai with a delegation of Kazakhstani business women. The hostess of the Kostanay atelier brought a handmade saukele to the United Arab Emirates, where she was invited to visit a prestigious fashion exhibition.

The UAE is one of the most comfortable countries for women's entrepreneurship. Local businessmen receive all preferences. The Council of Businesswomen of Kazakhstan has been cooperating with the Council of Businesswomen of the United Arab Emirates for several years.

“If a woman wants to open her own business in the UAE, the cost of her study in any country in the world is fully covered by government.  There are many tax breaks for women,” Yevgeniya Dombayeva said.

The main sponsor of the Forum was the Arab business woman and millionaire Reed Al Dhaheri. Yevgeniya Dombayeva presented her a handmade saukele, which was sewn in her studio. She had an opportunity to visit the fashion show, organized by a local female fashion designer.

“It was a closed-door event, local women were without burka, they all wore very beautiful evening and wedding dresses for fashion show. I received an invitation to participate in a joint show with my outfits in the national style,” she said.

Following the results of business trip of Kazakhstani delegation to the UAE a memorandum concluded between business women of both states. This step should entail joint projects and development of programs.


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