The national chamber of entrepreneurs


World experience

The countries of the developed world have had their own historical path of entrepreneurship development, formation of a support structure, however a comprehensive approach and the presence of a mechanism of state support in the system are typical of all countries of the world.

When creating the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken", the continental model of organization of business communities was taken as a basis. The continental (European) model of the Chamber is based on the general membership of entrepreneurs. This model was developed in France and Germany, and today it is successfully used in many European countries.

Today, 15.5 million of the 19 million enterprises of the European Union operate in the business environment of universal membership. Membership in association of enterpreneurs is mandatory for all persons engaged in business in countries with democratic traditions such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Austria; outside the European Union - Turkey, membership in the association of entrepreneurs is mandatory for all persons engaged in business. As a result, these countries have achieved impressive rates in their economic development.

The continental model of compulsory membership is characterized by six key points:

  • special legislation regulates the activities of the chambers (the status of public law)
  • the law stipulates mandatory membership;
  • chambers have a formal consultative status in the Government;
  • a certain field of activity is attributed to one chamber in compliance with legislation;
  • chambers must perform the functions delegated to them;
  • chambers are subject to state control

Foreign Chambers of Entrepreneurs