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In Pavlodar region was held a seminar for melon growers

05 September 2016 - Pavlodar Region
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Farmers were taught organic cultivation of watermelons on the example of the farm Lebyazhka

It is no coincidence that Lebyazhka district is famous in the region as "Watermelon paradise", because here is located the farm "Kairat", which is one of the largest farms in the country. The main direction of its activity is the cultivation of melons. The farm has about 10 thousand hectares of land. Annually, melons (watermelon, melon, pumpkin) are cultivated over an area of ​​1500 hectares. The farm does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Melon products here are consistent with organic production. Watermelon of the farm are in great demand under the brand "Lebyazhka watermelons". On the fields of the advanced farm were demonstrated the best achievements of breeders.

At the seminar, which is organized by the Centre of Agrarian Competence NCE RK "Atameken", during the theoretical lessons farmers were told how to increase the profitability of the production of "sweet berries" by switching to organic farming. During the practical part, the farmers visited the farm "Kairat", where they studied the experience of growing organic melon production. Here the head of household Kairat Shapuov got acquainted with new achievements in breeding melons in Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries. For example, in 2012, they sowed 24 species of watermelons, in the current year, 34 species. There was also held a tasting of different varieties of watermelon and melon, approved for use and promising for cultivation in the Pavlodar region. Farmers have learned that 44 varieties and hybrids are approved for use in the region, including 21 of national selection (18 - KazNIIKO).

The farmers also got familiar with the peculiarities of technology of cultivation of melons in rainfed conditions in the floodplain soils of Pavlodar region (melon crop rotation schemes and ways of sowing seeds of melons and gourds, care of plants, harvesting melons).

Supervisor of the department of technologies of cultivation and seed production of vegetable crops KazNII Zharas Mamyrbekov said that a lot of money and special attention is given to organic agriculture worldwide. The goal of organic agriculture is to ensure environmentally friendly, high-quality food products, excluding the risk of damage to health and the environment. The fundamental difference between organic farming systems from other systems is refusal from mineral fertilizers and synthetic pesticides.

It is worth noting that in addition to melon growing, the farm "Kairat" has been breeding cattle and harvesting of roughage. The farm is equipped with a highly specialized agricultural machinery.

The plans of the farm for the future is to increase in the cultivation of melons to 700 hectares, creating seed farms for melons, increase the number of agricultural technology, the creation of teams and organization of work on cultivation of forage.

Summing up the seminar, the farmers indicated that they had received valuable information for the development of organic farming and the transition to a "green" economy, which will help to increase the profitability of production, as well as year-round provision of population with complete and balanced food.

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