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To submit an application before 1st of July

11 March 2016 - Kostanay Region
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Kostanai entrepreneurs are invited to participate in the contest "Best Product of Kazakhstan" and "Altyn Sapa"

The annual contest "Best Product of Kazakhstan" will be held to improve the quality of domestic products. Since last year, it is organized by NCE RK "Atameken". The Regional Chamber advises not to delay the preparation of the documents, because the requirements are serious.

"It is necessary to provide a package of documents for the competition regarding the production and properties of the products. Last year there have been many people wanting to participate, but for various reasons did not have time to prepare and to submit an application on time. So now, we urge to start to do it in advance. Given the long-term prestige of the competitions, we believe that there will be many potential participants", - says the head of the department of non-financial support of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kostanai region Robert Yusupov.

Last year 15 companies in the region participated in the regional stage of the competition "Best Product of Kazakhstan". A distinctive feature of the event was the activeness of the companies, which for the first time decided to try to get the laurels of national winners. As a result, the Kostanay company "Ayan-Ozat" won the second place in the category "Best food" in Kazakhstan. LLP "EvrazKaspianStal" and LLP "Sary Arka Automotive" were also recognized as the leaders at the regional level.

As it was noted by the National Chamber of entrepreneurs, this year the organization  and the competition will be held in a different format. It is proposed to review the incentives for participants, the criteria for selection of experts will be changed for inclusion in the commission for the preliminary assessment of materials. From July to August will be the held regional stages, and at the end of the year, the results of national quality competition will be announced by the tradition, including the competition for the President's Award - "Altyn Sapa".


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