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A special state program is required to support young entrepreneurs, - Rimma Salykova

04 September 2017 - Almaty Region

Financing must be made available to youth, the head of the regional council believes

Opportunities and problems of supporting youth entrepreneurship were discussed during an informal meeting of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty region with young entrepreneurs from the regions of Kazakhstan. The meeting was held within the framework of the project "Interregional Business Internships".

The Chairman of the Regional Council Rimma Salykova noted that with the establishment of Atameken the conditions for doing business became more comfortable and convenient.

"Today, business support and protection has reached a new level. The number of inspections has decreased, business is actively involved in drafting bills, creating industry associations together and jointly solving systemic issues. "Atameken" together with the Government is trying to create preferential microcredit programs, flexible conditions for conducting business", - she noted.

Speaking about the problems of support Rimma Salykova drew attention to the importance of creating government programs and support measures for young entrepreneurs.

"Every year, traveling around districts and rural districts I am convinced that active explanatory work is needed on instruments of state support in rural areas. There is a great interest in business in the village. But people do not have enough information, sources of financing. For example, for young people due to their age, lack of collateral, there is no possibility to obtain a loan. We need to solve this problem. A special program for the development of youth entrepreneurship is needed, which will make financing affordable", - Rimma Salykova stressed.

The director of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Lazzat Chinkisbaeva, said that young entrepreneurs can get free service support and advice on state programs in all regional centers of entrepreneurs' support, and learn the basics of business in the framework of the projects "Business Adviser", "Bastau Business", "School of a Young Entrepreneur". In addition, for beginners, it is possible to participate in grant financing up to 3million KZT in Startup Bolashak project competition.

"Do not be afraid and learn to take risks," advised the director of the leading medical center of Taldykorgan "Meiirim" Gulnash Abusagitova. ORT doctor with 20 years of experience began to create her business being an employee in the city hospital.

"I worked for many years in the city hospital. At that time doctors had a small salary, it was necessary to support the family and develop. So I opened the doctor's office, then the clinic. I probably will not say anything new, but in business you must be able to take risks and not be afraid of obstacles", -she noted.

In addition, the chairman of the Council for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs and Counteracting Corruption, Banyamin Fayzulin, spoke about the results of work and tools for protecting business. During the conversation, young entrepreneurs not only asked questions, but also received personal consultations.

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