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The blind businessman builds a garbage recycling base

21 July 2017 - Kostanay Region

The blind businessman, having finished training on the course "Bastau Business". Andrey Zelevsky received funding as a participant "Bastau Business" for his project "Mobile processing of polymer waste".

The blind businessman told what he learned at the courses and what the project gave him.

The purpose of training "Bastau Business" is to increase the economic activity of the self-employed and unemployed population through engaging in entrepreneurial activities.

"I am a part of the Council for the Disabled from the Society of the Blind. The questions of the disabled are close to me. But, I think that every person limits himself. As the Head of State said, "Start to do something!". You always need to learn and to develop. Moreover, when the National Chamber gives such good opportunities for entrepreneurs. During the training, I constantly asked something. Thanks to the professional business coaches who worked with everyone individually. At the moment my wife also studies under Bastau Business program in Kostanay region, her field of activity is dry cleaning", - says Andrey Zelevsky.

The businessman was in the second stream of students in the Kostanay region, in the village of Zatabolsk. Earlier I took courses on other entrepreneurship programs, I opened my business, but only thanks to Bastau Business I was able to develop further and to become the winner of the contest, supported by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"The program, first of all, gave me knowledge. At the seminars I was taught to do calculations. I was not familiar with the cash register. My business coach Akmaral explained everything, told about electronic invoices with which to conduct business much easier. I have been processing polymer waste for three years already. The main goal is to make the planet cleaner. During the learning process, I discovered a lot for myself. The peculiarity of the course is its effectiveness. "Marketing", "customer base" - these terms do not seem new to me. Initially, I imagined my project as fabulous. Thanks to the program I can say that all this is now a reality. To date, I have concluded two contracts with companies that I will supply products to", - the entrepreneur shared.

Polymer products today are an integral part of our daily lives, however, while increasing the production of such products, it is natural that the amount of solid waste also increases. Today, polymeric waste accounts for about twelve percent of all household waste and their number, respectively, is increasing.

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