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Graduates of the third wave of "Bastau Business" defended their projects

03 August 2017 - Kostanay Region

32 participants intend to engage in business. The protection of projects took place within the walls of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in the video communication format. Each of the graduates told the members of the regional commission in detail what kind of business they are planning to do on the basis of the courses and how much money will be needed for this.

"In general, feeding grounds for cattle, horse breeding, beekeeping and sheep breeding were presented. There are graduates who intend to build public baths, purchase transport for cargo transportation, buy materials for welding in the countryside and so on. Of the total number of participants in the third wave, 24 people announced their intention to take advantage of concessional loans at 6% per annum, which are stipulated by the terms of the program", - says Robert Yusupov, head of the non-financial support department of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

626 people studied within the frames of the project "Bastau Business" in Kostanay region since the beginning of the year. There were three waves. Of these, 76 have already opened a business, 155 have applied for loans to JSC "Fund for Financial Support for Agriculture", 54 participants received loans.

Bastau Business project was initiated by NCE RK in the framework of the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship. These are free courses on the basics of business for self-employed and unemployed, lasting one month. In the Kostanay region the courses take place in Mendykara, Fedorov, Auliyekol, Karasu, Karabalyk and Kostanay districts. Applications for participation can be submitted to the branches of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Employment Centers and district akimats.

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