Department of Human Capital Development

Azamat Beysenbenov

Managing Director - Department Director

8 (7172) 91-93-27

Department of Human Capital Development with active co-operation with leading companies and enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan takes part in solution of urgent social problem as employment, provision of jobs and it solves the main task - improvement of quality and competitiveness of professional education in accordance with the requirements of an innovative economy.

The mission of the Department of Human Capital Development is the consolidation of all concerned bodies and coordination activities for the development of vocational education.
Key strategic directions of development:
  •  establishment of the foundations of the national  system of qualification and vocational education;
  • implementation of the Roadmap on implementation of dual education;
  • development of regional maps on the staffing needs of each industry;
  •  formation of the legal framework of vocational education;
  • creation of industrial clusters of the training system;
  • organization of stable legal and economic partnerships at all stages of training;
  • formation of image policy on vocational training;
  • gradual establishment of independent industry certification centers on the basis of employers' associations;
  • improvement of the system of dual training in vocational education and training;
  • facilitate the improvement of the level of training of specialists to meet the requirements of the labor market;