Logistics and Transportation Department

Murat Amrin

Managing Director - Department Director

Logistics and Transportation Department is a structural division of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - Atameken).

The Department cooperates with all subjects of business, associations of legal entities, structural divisions of Atameken, state bodies, on the questions supervised by the Department, connected with the development of the railway, automobile, air and water transport, and transport logistics.

Main tasks of the Logistics and Transportation Department are:

Participation in establishing the key directions of transport policy;

Analysis and development of proposals to improve the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in transport and logistics’ sphere;

Development of consolidated opinion (position) of business entities and associations and unions to address key issues in transport and logistics’ sphere and the formation of a unified position of Atameken on the main strategic directions of the transport industry and logistics;

Representation, protection of rights and legitimate interests of business entities in transport and logistics’ sphere;

Participation in organization of effective interaction of business entities and their associations (unions) with state authorities on transport and logistics issues;

Participation in working out and realization of programmes and roadmaps of the state bodies on transport and logistics branch development;

Assistance in creating favorable legal, economic and social conditions for the implementation of the entrepreneurial initiative in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the transport and logistics’ sphere.