Regional Development Department

Regional Development Department is a structural subdivision of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan and is subordinate to the supervising member of the Board.

The Department operates in the following areas:

  • coordination and assessment of the effectiveness of the activities of RCE, including budget monitoring, optimization of costs of RCE and subsidiaries of NCE; personnel support of RCE and regional councils; coordination of RCE on inclusion of its representatives in the composition of regional consultative bodies; inspection of RCE/ CSE /BSC for compliance of employees with the set objectives, matching the skills to a position; development of new products, training techniques, the algorithms of work of RCE in each direction, aimed at their efficient operation, etc .;
  • arranging of work of provision of non-financial support to entrepreneurs under Business Roadmap-2020 state program;
  • organization of events for the further development of the regional map of entrepreneurship development, support, selection of promising projects and search for partners and investors;
  • preparation of various analytical materials for guidance on the situation in the regions, the development of small and medium-sized businesses, mechanisms for the attraction of investment and support for projects, etc .;
  • collecting business views on the current situation of entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan regarding decisions, which are being adopted by certain state bodies, analysis and evaluation of information, identifying systemic problems in terms of enhancing business activity, depending on the conditions and potential of the region;
  • organization of events for the development of foreign trade, the export potential of the regions, facilitate promotion of domestic producers on Kazakhstani and international markets;
  • maintaining registers of businesses, the participants of foreign economic activity, economic and financial situation of which allows determining the level of their reliability as partners for entrepreneurial activity;
  • participation in the development of state programs for the creation and development of an institutional environment that encourages the development of entrepreneurship in the regions.