Manufacturing Industry Department

Manufacturing Industry Department is a subdivision of NCE and reports to the Deputy Chairman of the Board.

The Department cooperates with all state bodies and structural divisions of NCE regarding issues related to the manufacturing industry, such as mechanical engineering, chemical, light, wood, packaging and pulp, and paper industries as well as the production of construction materials.

The main tasks of the Manufacturing Industry Department are:

1) development of a consolidated opinion (position) of business and associations (unions) to address key issues of the manufacturing industry;

2) participation in the activities of the Atameken NCE RK  for representation, protection of rights and lawful interests of the subjects of the manufacturing industry;

3) participation in the organization of effective interaction between subjects of business and their associations (unions) with the state authorities regarding the issues of the manufacturing industry;

4) assistance in the establishment of favorable legal, economic and social conditions for the realization of entrepreneurial initiatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the manufacturing industry;

5) assistance in enhancing the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in the framework of integration associations and at the international markets.