Compliance Control Department

Nurlan Imanbekov


The key functions of the Compliance Control Department are:

1.  Developing methodology and internal documents on compliance risk management, internal control, and information security.

2. Identification, assessment, and management of compliance risks and information security risks. 

3. Preparation of a report on the status of compliance risks accepted by Atameken and implementation of an action plan to minimize them.

4. Conducting consultations and training on minimization of compliance risks and information security risks for the Atameken’s structural units.

5. Conduct checks on compliance, internal control, and information security issues, take corrective measures and submit a report to Atameken management.

6. Control over compliance by the structural units with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Atameken Charter and Atameken internal regulatory documents. 

7. Ensuring continuous operation of the Corporate Hotline.

8. Organization of work of the regional chambers of entrepreneurs' ethics officers.

9. Making proposals to introduce and improve Atameken processes in terms of minimizing risks and reducing information security threats.

10. Other functions envisaged in internal documents.