Department of Taxation

Zhenys Zhanbulatova

Managing Director - Department Director

8 (7172) 919-338

The role of the Department of Taxation is to help to create a favourable environment for the realization of entrepreneurial initiatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of taxation, in particular,  improvement of tax and related legislation, simplification of tax formalities, reduction of the number of documents required for performance of tax obligations.
The tasks of the Department:
1. participation in improvement of the tax legislation;
2. provision of assistance to entrepreneurs in tackling the problematic issues in the field of taxation;
3. interaction with the state authorities, responsible for formulation and implementation of policies and implementation of administration in the tax field;
4. improvement and simplification of procedures for administration of levy of VAT, CIT, and other taxes and fees;
5. improvement and simplification of  tax audit procedures, in-house control, the appea processl;
6. improvement and simplification of procedures for tax reporting.