Department of Public Relations

The Department of Public Relations is engaged in development, planning, and implementation of activities directed on spread of information among the wide public about the activities of NCE RK and its structural divisions, creation of sources of information about business, organization of press conferences, round tables, meetings and interviews with the mass media on topical issues of current activities of NCE RK.
The Department of Public Relations also conducts media monitoring, analysis of the dynamics of public opinion on key issues of the NCE, it interacts with the journalists to ensure comprehensive, full and objective coverage of the activities of NCE RK and its structural divisions in the mass media, it assists journalists in obtaining information, including photos, audio and video recording within the walls of NCE RK in accordance with their verbal and written requests, it deals with preparation and placement of articles in the mass media about the activities of NCE RK, it provides interviews, speeches of the senior management and employees of structural divisions of NCE RK, as well as press releases on their activities.
The main activities of the Department of Public Relations are:
  • propaganda of the activities of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan on interaction of business and the Government, on facilitation of the development of business structures at all levels, formation of a positive public opinion, enhancement of the authority of the National Chamber in the country and at the international arena as a leading business associations of the country;
  • prompt information about the activities of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, optimization of the efficiency of information exchange with representatives of the journalistic community, promotion of publications in leading mass media;
  • interaction with the media centers and the press services of the legislative and executive authorities, the Government, public and industry organizations on the preparation and conduct of joint activities, exchange of information, training of post-release, including on the basis of agreements on  cooperation in the informational field;
  • exclusive distribution of information about the activities and the positions of NCE RK, including usage of the external Internet portal of NCE RK -
  • organization of thematic press conferences, briefings on key issues of development of Kazakhstan's economy and business
There is a press center at the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, where briefings take place.
The Department of Public Relations of the Atameken NCE RK:
7 (7172) 91 93 67,
Official website: