Customs Administration Department

Dina Mamasheva

Managing Director - Department Director

8 (7172) 919-341

The role of the Customs Administration Department is to promote the creation of favorable conditions for the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives in Kazakhstan in the field of customs administration, in particular, improvement of customs legislation, simplification of customs procedures, reduction of the number of documents required for customs declaration, and other. The main focus is the simplification of customs procedures and the reduction of the time of their conduct.
An important tool is simplification of customs administration for businesses, while maintaining a sufficient level of security of supplies and state control, is automation of the processes of risk management. Actually, that is how modern customs administration looks like in all developed countries.
The ideology of the Department is built in such a way that on the basis of the specific problems of participants of foreign trade activities, the customs legislation is systematically modernized and improved.
As a result, it will be easier for business and regulatory authorities  to work by clear and transparent rules.
Kyoto Convention
Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Customs Affairs in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures
On determination of the customs value of goods transported across the customs border of the Customs Union
Review of legislative initiatives of the Department of Customs Admininstration in the area of customs administration
Draft Treaty of the Customs Union 18.12.14 
Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade
Decision of the Commission of the CU #257  dated by 20.05.10  Instructions for completing customs declarations
Council Decision of EEC # 54 dated by16.04.12 EEC (Common Customs Tariff)
EU Customs Law
Customs Code of 1995
Customs Code of 2003
Customs Code of 2010
EU Customs Code
Customs Code of the Customs Union
The letter of EEC on some matters of declaration (via the Internet)
Terms of NCE for the Green Corridor
Questionnaire for the selection of importers
Questionnaire for the selection of shipping companies
Questionnaire for the selection of freight forwarders