Department of Health Services

Department of Health Services is a subdivision of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, is addressing the key issues and the formation of an institutional framework for growth and further development of the healthcare business, tourism and the pharmaceutical industry.

Objectives of the Department:

1) development of a consolidated opinion (position) of business entities and associations (unions) to address key issues in the areas of healthcare and tourism;

2) participation in the work of NCE in representation, promotion and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of businesses in the areas of healthcare and tourism;

3) participation in the organization of effective interaction between business entities and their associations (unions) with public authorities on issues in the areas of healthcare and tourism;

4) promotion of the creation of favorable legal, economic and social conditions for the implementation of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the areas of healthcare and tourism;

5) participation in the process of improving the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, affecting the interests of business in the areas of healthcare and tourism;

6) other duties provided by the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal documents of NCE.

Key strategic directions of development:

I.  The introduction of mandatory social health insurance - MSHI.

II. The development of PPP and privatization in healthcare (81st step).

III. Development of the system of procurement of pharmaceutical and medical products.

IV. Assistance to domestic producers in the single market of the EAEU.

V. The development of the tourism industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan.