Technical Regulation Department

Zhazira Shuykebaeva


8 (7172) 91-93-30

Within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union and joining the World Trade Organization the Technical Regulation Department of NCE performs basic tasks on the improvement of legislation, simplification of procedures, reduction of regulations that create administrative and technical barriers in the field of technical regulation.

Currently, technical regulation is one of the legal mechanisms to protect the domestic market, i.e. tool for control of the economy. Solving the problem of safety, technical regulation has a significant impact on the market, the competitiveness of individual companies and industries, as well as on international trade. Furthermore, the technical regulations could be used deliberately to create the technical and administrative barriers to trade, that is, as a tool to restrict access to the market and therefore competition.

What is technical regulation?

Many entrepreneurs do not know or understand the clear definition of this notion. Over a decade ago, the term was introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan by the Law "On Technical Regulation".

Clear understanding of the term will be useful for an ordinary citizen, a successful entrepreneur or a senior official.

Each of us, in spite of our peculiarities and differences, cares about the safety of own life, the reliability of the buildings where we live; it is important to protect the health of our loved ones, so we strive to eat safe products, to wear safe clothes; we want to use safe equipment at home and safe machinery and equipment at the production...

This is where technical regulation helps us - at first glance, it is a boring and pseudo-scientific concept, but at the same time – it is necessary, as it is applied in daily life. In fact, the application of technical regulation tools helps us to make our lives safer, protects the market from low-quality products, impose appropriate obligations on domestic producers and importers.

Security - that's the first key term of technical regulation.

The main regulatory documents, giving the definition and interpretation of the technical regulations are the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 9, 2004 # 603 "On technical regulation" and the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union (Appendix number 9).